Ebay listing tips


Believe it or not, the success or failure of your eBay store depends on your SEO practices. Including your items for sale seems like a tedious job, but you should take your time and do it well to maximize your sales potential. By using these strategies, you can get a wider audience for your eBay auctions and the potential to win more sales and higher closing deals!

Consider multiple offers for alternative spellings. If you have multiple quantities of the same items to sell, consider having two or more ads with different spelling variants of the product in the title. For example, you could sell “t-shirts” or “t-shirts.”

Only include keywords in your title: never lose your space by including words like “LOOK” or “WOW”. No one searches for these terms and only uses space instead of their valuable search words. Be sure to keep your title using only the main phrases you are looking for.

Include keywords in your description: many people also look for descriptions, so be sure to repeat your key phrases in your description. However, make it easily readable and not just a group of random words grouped together.

Include many details in your description: people want to know exactly what you have to sell. Include “too much” information just to be sure, otherwise, you could lose a potential offer. Even things like dimensions, power, color, and details are very important! Don’t ask the seller to chase you asking a question, it’s very frustrating for them.

Learn how to use HTML or an HTML editor: lists that group all your text in a paragraph sell 30% less than people who break down their paragraphs and make it more readable. Also, avoid using capital letters and make everything easy to see.

Talk to your prospective bidders as a friend: these people bid for an article from a stranger. Don’t talk to them about “professional conversation” in the description, talk as if you were talking to a friend. This builds confidence.

Add color and graphics: don’t overdo it with too many things that make the list take too long, but adding colors and graphics will improve the list and make it more attractive.

By using these very simple techniques, you will get a better eBay auction. You will get more auctions, increasing your sales and your chances of success in your eBay auction business!

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