5 Easy Ways To Make Money On eBay


As an editor of the UK Auctionline newsletter, I received emails from many subscribers. Usually, the question they ask is: “Tell me, a simple way to make money on eBay.” I think the answer to this question actually depends on how you define the word “simple”.

I don’t think there is a way to make money on the Internet more easily than selling goods through eBay. It may be simpler, and it takes only 5 steps to complete a simple process.

1. Sell things.
2. Shoot and write a description.
3. Upload the ad to eBay.
4. Collect money.
5. Submit the article.

Is there anything easier than this?

But I think what people really want to ask is how easy I can sell the product. In my experience, this is the difficulty for newcomers and some experienced eBay. So, in this article, I just want to point out five very simple ways to sell a product without even leaving the computer. I hope this is easy enough for everyone.

1. What, no photos?
I don’t think it’s rare to list photos or images on items listed on eBay or any online auction. In fact, most of the items listed without photos are often 20% less than the items they produce. In some categories, the numbers are even higher. For example, the average selling price of clothes without photography is 78% lower than the goods sold. It’s easy to browse these items “without photos” on eBay, buy them, and then re-read them with photos. Really for the old rope money.

2. Find items that are not listed correctly.
There are many reasons why a person’s registration fails to attract attractive quotes. The title is incorrect, the description is short or incorrect, the category is incorrect, the spelling is incorrect, and so on. You can find them by browsing the auction site, but I suggest you use an easier way.

Select the category you are interested in and see the article search feature that ends in the next hour. Here, you will find low-priced transactions that fail to attract quotes for the reasons we mentioned.

3. Non-social time
In any eBay book, you’ll find tips on when to complete the auction. The recommended time for most projects is Sunday afternoon and evening and Wednesday night. Some experts suggest that for business-related businesses, it is best to use Monday or Tuesday during business hours. If you accept that you sometimes get an extra quote for the item, then sometimes your situation will not be as good at the end of the auction. I believe that if your auction ends between 5 am and 8 am on Monday, you will not be eager to submit a last minute quote to increase the price. Once again, buy and re-list your auction to end in a more friendly time, with a little effort to easily make a profit of 20% or more.

4. Purchase collection
One of the easiest ways to make money on eBay is to take advantage of the laziness of others. If someone says to collect 10 porcelain dogs, the fact is that if 10 items are collected as a list, they will receive less revenue than writing each article separately. But surprisingly, there are so many sellers who are not willing to do so. In the past, I bought the series and took out more money than the entire series.

5. Other online auctions.
More than 95% of online auctions are conducted on eBay. They have the most registered buyers and items for sale.

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