4 special rules about selling software on eBay.


These are different types of software that you can’t sell on eBay and how to detect them. You should always try to install it before selling it, as this may give you some hints.

1. Files software.  This is obvious, but pirated software can be difficult to detect. The most important thing to observe is that there are no images or auctions with only catalog images, the price is impractical, and no manuals or documentation are included. Microsoft software comes with a certificate of authenticity that must be verified.

Software stored on recordable media (such as CD-RW) is usually hacked. If you see software for download only, they are often hacked, but not always. Some small software developers allow resale of software download licenses on sites such as eBay. Type the software name in the search engine and go to the manufacturer’s website for verification. Keep in mind that the software you download is unlikely to have resale rights.

2. Beta software. Beta software is a preliminary version of the software.

Published by the company for testing purposes. Companies typically do not allow the sale or redistribution of their Beta software because they are not as effective as the final product. Do not purchase any products that indicate that it is a Beta version and return the content you receive (whether or not it is Beta) for resale or distribution anywhere on the CD or at the time of installation.

3. Academic software. Some companies sell special educational versions or student licenses for their software, which are affordable for students and teachers. This software can only be sold if you are an authorized educational distributor of the company and your purchaser is an educational user.

Academic software usually tells something on a CD or installation.

4. OEM software. OEM represents the original equipment manufacturer’. The software should only be distributed with the new computer as it is pre-installed on it. A license for this software usually prevents you from selling it without selling the hardware. Look for messages to sell only on new or similar computers. However, keep in mind that it is usually best to include any OEM software that comes with the computer sold on eBay. If you sell unauthorized software, eBay may stop the auction, or your seller may know what they bought and leave an adverse reaction. It is really not worth the risk.

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